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>> 2011/2012

Fresher Tournament, UL '12


>> 2010/2011

Fresher Tournament, UL Nov '11


>> 2009/2010

UL Welcomes You

Welcome to the University of Limerick Basketball Club, if you love basketball whether it be playing, officiating, doing club administration, or playing socially then we are the club for you !!!


The UL basketball club has one of the best records at intercollegiate competitions with the ladies team winning the Intervarsities more than any other college. Last year the girls lost to UCC , however you could be part of the team who want to regain the Trophy. We beat them in the League final which was one of the best games all year.  The Men’s team have never won the intervarsities however they are getting closer every year and again why not be part of it when they do .. J . This year they also reached the final of the League and lost out to UUJ.


In the Club we have the Men’s & women’s senior intervarsities team. Then for you only we have fresher teams who compete in the fresher competitions on November 28th & 29th and we are hosting that here in UL. We are the only college who has two men’s and women’s fresher teams and again in this competition we have a fantastic record ….


If you don’t want to play competitively and just play socially we have a two hr slot every week where we play pick up games and they are mixed so a good way to get to know every body in the Club. However our social interaction doesn’t end here annually we go on a foreign trip where it is open to all members of the club we play some games and get to know each other a bit better ….. Places that we have visited in the last few years… Budapest, Wales, Italy, Holland and this year we are hoping to head to Germany – Why not come along???


We also host a number of Tournaments, which are good fun to be at, we are always looking for help at these, so you could get involved with these.. 


If you are not interested in playing then we still have a place for you as the club is so big we are always looking for people to help run the Club and if you are a referee why not earn some extra cash for yourself officiating some of the college games …..


Make sure and look out for us in Orientation week and if you have any queries drop us a line  , for all training queries etc check out the web...

>> 2008/2009

Fresher Tournament, UL Nov '08


>> 2007/2008

Fresher Tournament, UL Nov '07


>> 2006/2007

Fresher Tournament, UL Nov '06


>> 2005/2006

Fresher Tournament, UL Nov '05

T'was the night before fresher's and all through U.L
Not a creature was stirring until our doorbell.
In popped Amy, Maria and crew
Some of the team, to name but a few.
So refreshed and relaxed we arrived the next day,
Nervous and excited our first game to play.
We thinking now to end this rhyme,
hold on to your seats cos it's show time.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Fresher's Tournament 2005, we're your hosts Marie Deegan and Cathy Grant and boy have we a line up for you!!! Get ready for an action packed adventure of tears and laughter, sweat and more sweat, injury and bruises, airballs and swishes and that's only on the basketball court. Not only will you hear of the best Irish colleges have to offer at first year level but we will also reveal to you the behind the scenes action of the weekend .We take a sneak peak behind the curtains to reveal the madness that is U.L basketball club. (Some of its jaw dropping, edge of your seat stuff and some of its just plain nasty). So sit back, wait for the whistle and let's get ready to rumble.

The beginning….
The first tale of chivalry is of the girls Team B. who fought bravely to defend the hosts honour and reigning champions title as the fought for victory over C.I.T. But with Loretta hustling the boards at both ends the opposition hadn't a hope in hell (not a hope) And with Karen Doyle (a.k.a Brosie Jr) taking charge at the point the C.I.T team were sent packing with their tails behind their legs.
Stepping in to the ring next was the girls Team A. Boxing gloves at the ready, the only thing stopping this spirited team progressing was the very enthusiastic W.I.T team and a dodgy fry! It started rough with poor shots and slow movement but sure enough Lola shone like the star that she is and Sorcha made her presence known (and felt) amongst this dwarf-like team! The W.I.T team made an attempt to overthrow the leaders but U.L at this stage had victory within their grasp and weren't letting go.
Then the U.L boy's team stepped up to face a rather small D.I.T team and I'm not talking about height. With D.I.T reduced to four players due to player commitments it was a sure win for the brash boys from U.L. But still they made hard work of it, the devishly handsome no. 9 of D.I.T (I never caught his name. L ) kept his side in touch for the 1st half. Unfortunately for them Fintan's fury was unleashed and squashed any hopes of a win. Mike 'the gr8', well in Marie's eyes anyway displayed some impressive moves and with great team work secured victory for the team.

Round 2:
U.L B vs. D.C.U. If my memory serves me correctly this is the game where Loretta actually had to hand over the ball to the Dublin side to give them a chance of scoring, how nice. This must be because Laura M was playing on top form and Ciara's shots were sunk at every opportunity.
U.L. Team A vs St. Pats. By taking on teachers we thought we would be taught a lesson or two but in this case the pupil became the master! We took them to school!! The spirited Orla Casey believed a maths lesson was in order for the educators of Dublin and she showed them just that! Sabrina Carey added points left, right and centre and Siobhan was busy converting rebounds to points with Maura subtracting chances for St. Pats by great steals on D. The final equation was U.L = WINNERS. Poor Adrina took ill and had to head home but the team wasn't the same without her.
The boys took on C.I.T in match 2 of the tournament. They enjoyed a comfortable victory due to Horse's tireless fast breaking and Kevin's merciless drives to the board. Coach Richard had his work cut out for him when his team put on a great display

Round 3:
Tired and losing steam the U.L A looked for a new way to continue their journey of triumph. Now don't get me wrong, our game was good, we were just missing that.. Oomph - that is until someone mentioned vodka. Amy O' Brien leaped into action; firing at all hatches to show the surprised U.C.C team just what she would do for a drop of the "queer stuff". Aoife and Marie followed suit with brave shots and great footwork closing off the strong U.C.C side. Another win for U.L.

After a hard days work, a very small portion of stir fried chicken (we'll say no more) and to prepare for the finals all teams took to Molly's. Then numerous jugs of peach snaps later the club bonding began. Brosie took to the pole to show the freshers how to really shake it, Jacqui introduced her boy next-door and Phil set his eyes on Lisa and boy did the sparks fly there! Young Grant and Roland (or legend as he likes to be known as) got to know each other better, she assured us all that they were "just friends" but the truth would soon be uncovered. Like the Cinderella story the boys headed home as the clock struck midnight. It was up to the girls to keep the U.L rep as party animals alive. With great guidance from Coach Hurley we couldn't go wrong?? Amy, Maria, Karen, Sabrina and Siobhan decided to take to the squares in the T-rooms for free? (A bit of flirting followed by continual begging can work wonders) Despite only 3 girls from U.L's B Team joined the gang our presence was made known. The chants of 'U.L U.L. U.L. U.L. U.L' echoed throughout the pub drowning out the pathetic attempts made by U.C.C to be victorious in the chant off.

Day 2. The Final Countdown….
U.C.C vs. U.L B. With most of the team well rested Team B made short work of the Cork side. Elaine made sure her effort didn't go unrewarded as did Laura D and Tara Oliver. Karen as captain urged her team to fight for everything determined to take their shot at winning the cup. Within minutes of the game starting these talented lassie's conquered over their opponents and made the final.
N.U.I.G vs. U.L A. Bright eyed and bushy tailed (hardly-considering) we entered the next game full of enthusiasm and boy did it stand to us. Super defence all round, the poor souls from Galway never stood a chance. Cathy ran in lay-up after lay-up until the third quarter. Disaster struck when one of the N.U.I.G girls fell on her knee reducing her to whimpers of pain. While her team-mates looked on helplessly Team B celebrated silently in the corner. U.L finished strong taking their place in the final.
U.L Boys vs. Tralee I.T. To be honest I never saw the game so I'm reporting from someone else's point of view. This game was naasssty. Slim was set to mark a nifty shooter while the boys inside had a hard job to take out Tralee's big man. All and all it's the end score that counts so why dwell on the bad? Our boys were through to the final.

An all U.L affair:
With all 3 teams in the final the coaching staff were ecstatic and yet divided. Jacqui and Noreen had the dilemma of choosing a team each to coach. It was decided young Hurley would take Team A and Noreen team B. Neither team wanted to play the other, come on like we ran together, shot together, trained together…. and yet neither team wanted to lose! The teams were neck and neck the whole way. Emma's brilliant shooting combined with Loretta's determination under the boards never left victory out of their sights but with great team work by Orla, Sorcha Marie and co U.L A took their place at the top.
The Boys took on N.U.I.G in their final which I believe was riveting stuff. The coach informs me that Kevin made great takes to the board while Ian knocked down some class shots. John worked hard to keep the team ahead and with players like these no wonder they won.

Party Time:
Celebrations were in full spring from an early hour Sunday night. To no. 57 Kilmurry we headed cup and all. Filled to the brim with all sorts of everything we quenched our thirst joyously. Jacqui stopped by for a visit tucking into southern comfort after a minute and forgot all about a project she should have being doing. As the well dried up, Jacqui decided a trip to the offi was in order in her oh so savvy convertible! So off came the roof and soon we were cruising to Chawkes wind in our hair, flies on our teeth and music up full blast. Finally we get to the lodge where we end our tale (there's plenty more to tell but we have lives too so…)

The Dramatic finish….
It ends in the lodge where ladies night was in full swing. Richie pulls everyone to the floor for some defensive slides. This kicked off yet another wild night of senseless drinking, getting our boogie on and simply just getting it on! After all the hints and nudges and less obvious gesturers made by Jacqui, Cathy and Ian shared a passionate moment which lasted the whole night. Oh yeah the cup, our beautiful trophy was deliberately taken right from under our noses. Richie (our hero) saves the day by retrieving the not so intact memento and rides off into the night on his gallant white horse.

The End…. Or is it??? 

>> 2004/2005

Varsity Round Up ~ Mar '05
3 in a Row for Ladies Basketball
Boys bow out in Semi's

 Over the weekend of the 3rd to the 5th of March 24 basketball teams from all over Ireland gathered in Coleraine for the annual Basketball Intervarsities. As current holders, and having won the event for 11 of the last 13 years, the women's team were red-hot favourites. However a league defeat earlier in the year by UCC meant that the Leesiders fancied their chances this year. In the men's section UCD, last years winners were early favourites who could expect strong challenges from both UL & Queens.
Pool games where played on Thursday and Friday. In the women's draw UL ran out easy winners over Maynooth & Queens. Top scorers against Maynooth were Amanda O'Regan (18pts), Dearbhla Breen (10 pts) & Caoimhe Clancy (9 pts) while against Queens they were Amanda O'Regan (12 pts), Niamh O'Meara (8 pts), and Aine Staunton (7pts). Coach Noreen O'Connell used her full bench of 12 players as every member of the team was expected to contribute over the weekend. Afterwards O'Connell commented, "Basketball is an intense team sport, we can't rely solely on one or two players we need our whole squad to be prepared to contribute in each and every game."

UL men faced Maynooth & UCC in their pool draw, Maynooth were looking to exact revenge for a heavy defeat suffered at the hands of UL the previous year and came close to causing an upset in the pool game before eventually submitting to a 10 point defeat. Overcoming UCC in their next game ensured both UL had topped their groups and would progress to the quarterfinal stage.
On Saturday both teams faced into their 3rd match of the competition, the women would meet Trinity while the men would face Jordanstown. Great inside plays from Michelle Canavan of Trinity kept the Dublin girls in touch for the first 2 quarters. However UL had a deeper bench from which to call upon and the speed of the game began to take its toll on the Trinity players. UL women ran out easy winners but knew they would face stiffer opposition in the semi finals where DCU lay in wait. The men's team also required two quarters to put real distance between themselves and a determined UUJ team. Super League players were looked too to provide leadership on the floor. Stephen King answered the call with intense defence and accurate passing to keep his side in the game. A twenty-point win saw the men progress to meet Queens in a repeat of last year's semi final. Speaking after their victory Coach Matt Hall said "The boys concentrated hard in the game today, they did the same thing they do every game - worked hard in defence and took scoring opportunities when they presented themselves." The shock of the quarterfinals came when reigning men's champions UCD where dramatically knocked out by RCSI, no one was safe in this tournament. Three days, six games, six wins, both teams in the semi final, everything was going to plan so far.

Sunday is the toughest day of all in the Basketball Intervarsities. Teams reaching this stage have already played 3 games and must now face semi finals and finals on the same day. This would be survival of the fittest. The women took to the floor first against DCU in a repeat of last year's semi final. UL's plan was to make their mark early, which they did with a 22- 6 lead after the first quarter. Both teams had difficulty finding the basket in the second quarter but UL ended the half 28 - 10. Try as they might DCU had no answer for the scoring power of UL with Dearbhla Breen top scoring on 15 points and other contributions coming from Amanda O'Regan (8 pts) and Éadaoin Mackey (6 pts). UL ran out easy winners 49 -30. Head Coach Des O'Sullivan said "The ladies showed today the type of attitude and intensity that is required to sustain success at this level. We are a rebounding and running team and the girls stuck to the game plan. I'll expect no less in the final."
The boys' semi final was next on the court; UL would have to dig deep as they were missing 3 of their players and their coach due to Super League duty with Limerick Lions. A shaky start saw Queens leap into an 18 point half time lead. UL would not give up without a fight and the introduction of Richie Lacken in the 3rd quarter provided a much-needed spark for the Limerick lads. Hitting a couple of crunch 3pointers, Lacken led Limerick as they began to wear down the Queens defence. Erasmus student Connie Johnson had a big game inside for UL in the absence of Freeman & King, Limerick were not out of the running yet. The fourth quarter was end-to-end basketball with both teams trading early scores. Queens managed to open up a 10 point gap but UL brought it back to 5 points. Unfortunately it was too little too late for the Limerick lads as Queens held on to reach their 2nd successive final.

UL ladies would face UCC in the final. The teams had played twice already this year and had one win each to their credit. UCC had a distinction height advantage with Breen & Muesch inside but superb defence from UL limited their threat early on. Repeating the form of their earlier games UL raced into a 17 - 5 1st quarter lead. Áine Staunton did an excellent defensive job on UCC's shooting guard Donna Buckley, preventing her from scoring at all in the first half. UL worked the ball well with Breen marshalling the team on the court and connecting well with O'Regan in a well-worked play. At half time UL were leading 33 - 16. At this level nothing can be taken for granted and UCC came out in the third quarter looking to make a game of it. Their post players finally found a way through the UL defence as UCC fought their way into a 4 pt game providing some anxious moments for the UL supporters. Experience counts at times like these and UL have that in abundance as they began to pull away and ended the quarter 42 - 30. UL had an answer for every UCC attack and the Leesiders never came close again as UL emerged victorious on a 56 - 47 score line. Captain Dearbhla Breen said after her teams victory "It's a real honour to captain a winning team, especially one that's just completed a 3 in a row, UCC made us work hard but we're not afraid of hard work".
Celebrations continued at the award banquet when winning teams are honoured and All Stars & MVP's are announced. UL men scooped two All Stars, Stephen King (1st yr PE) & Tommy Canavan (2nd yr Law & Euro). UL ladies were also honoured with Áine Staunton (3rd yr PE) receiving an All Star while Dearbhla Breen (2nd yr Physio) was named Most Valuable Player.

Congratulations to you all!

UL Basketball Return to Winning Ways after Christmas Break

After the Christmas break and the stress that comes with exams it was time for the basketball club here in UL to get back on the courts. With the Intervarsities fast approaching and league games still to be played training continued over our three weeks break and on the 16th of February we faced the challenge of CIT, a team we had already suffered defeat to. This time the results were extremely different with both teams exacting revenge for that earlier defeat. The girl's team ran out easy winners in what was a very fast and captivating game with a superb defensive performance from Dearbhla Breen while Almha O'Keefe converted offensive scores. Similarly the men's team were successful albeit in a much tighter game. In the third quarter CIT pulled our men back to ten points but some excellent rebounding by Paul Freeman and easy baskets by Steven King allowed the boys to maintain their lead and run out eventual winners.

The next big task facing the club was the first round of the cup. The girls team got a bye into the second round while the men's team would faced UCC. Everyone knew that this would be a tough game but our men started well leading 17 - 14 at the end of the first quarter. However UCC fought back well and with UL on team fouls early in the second quarter the away team capitalised and scored 10 of their 19 points from the free throw line giving them a 38 - 31 lead going into the third quarter. This was a lead that they failed to surrender until the final quarter when UL mounted a superb come back with huge contributions from Tommy Canavan (14 points) and top scorer on the day Paul Freeman (19 points) to ensure their place in the second round on a score line of 64 -56.

Both teams will take heart from these victories as they head to Coleraine for the Basketball Intervarsities in March.

>> 2003/2004

An Ode to 2004:

I began the year as a total stranger,
Hiding in Mary I “away in a manger”!
But that soon changed, in a season of doubt,
As Noreen on the phone said “come on out”!

So training I went to meet the bunch,
I’ll stay I said, I have a hunch!
And I was right in thinking ye’re all stone mad,
But some of the best friends a girl could have had!

Cardiff was the trip where we ran amok,
Some of ye missed it…that’s ye’re tough luck!
But the rest made up for it and it’s safe to say,
I don’t think Wales will forget our stay!

The forum was the place many friendships were made,
If it were our job to talk shit, we’d be so well payed!!
But the nuts erupted and the shit hit the fan,
When Caoimhe famously said “Dream on Dan!”

So it was off to the Varsities for our next trip,
With a bottle of pop, just to sip!
Walking ‘round Dublin many Trinners we found,
Where Fiachra and Sneachta were oh so sound!

We came home with trophies and hangovers galore,
But were left the next day singing we still wanted more!
Another night out was obviously needed,
So like true pissheads, we proceeded…

To the Sports Bar Monday night with free drink all ‘round,
Where Fitzy’s lips to the cup were forever bound!
But this was the beginning of celebrations to come,
As the ‘kick’ of the vodka had left us numb!

The footballers won the following week,
Not washing those blue t-shirts, what a reek!
They sang their songs like a bag of cats,
And yes it’s true, they were all with Slatts!!

The club night in the Lodge was very funny,
But at the end of the day, it was about the money!
Some questions arose about a missing cup AGAIN,
And who’d graduate first, Dearbhla or Ren??!!

The boys won the league much to their delight,
But the girls lost, ‘cos we were shite!!
But a good night out was had, where we talked some “nuts”,
And gave out about DCU, the dirty sluts!

Rag week came at just the right time,
A weeks worth of drinking, where’s the crime?
A break from training was no great harm,
“Right attitude, right intensity”, the Dessie charm!!

So we were ready for the Cup, both teams on the mend,
With the long season finally coming to an end,
A chance for revenge for both of our teams,
And another battle for the boys with the UCC fiends!!

UCD and St Pat’s both chickened out,
And we heard DCU were having a doubt!
Will anyone play us we asked? It’s the night before!
Or will we head to the Lodge and try to score?!!

The girls won it out in a well fought game,
And DCU were once again left sore and lame!
But it’s tough at the top, that’s what they say,
“Sorry now” DCU, but ye had ye’re day!!

But the boys lost the final because of a ref,
If it’s possible I think he was both blind AND deaf!!
Where did they get him, he hadn’t a clue,
“I understand like” Brosie, he’s just no you!!

Yet another night out…just one for the road!
So onward to Fitzy’s ‘humble abode’!!
The Wicked y-fronts were such a sight,
But I happily wore them for the whole long night!!

The first years were messy, just for a change,
But in all fairness, they’re a little but strange!!
Lyndsey and Matt playing tonsil hockey??
And seriously lads, what’s the story with Rocky?!!

We never found out who it was that got sick,
But if worse comes to worse we’ll just blame it on Mick!
A really great party to end a great year,
What’s that Aine, you just want gear?!!

My best year by far, it didn’t seem so long,
Is best summed up in the words of a song:
I was never this crazy on my own, but now I know the key,
Being close to crazy, means being close to ye…. 

The Year in Review, May 2004:

The University of Limerick basketball club is re-emerging as one of the strongest clubs on campus. We cater for all ability level athletes whether socially or competitively, even reaching the heights of national league

The club had its most successful year in '02/'03 season and is in prime position to continue its dominance. Last year the women's Varsity team won all three titles up for grabs at senior level, including a convincing win over NUIG in the Intervarsities last March. The men's Varsity team captured both the league and cup titles however, faltered at the Intervarsities Competition. The future looked very bright for the club with both men's and women's victories in the Fresher's tournament.

More success followed for the club when three of the women's Varsity team were selected to represent Ireland in the World Student Games which took place in Daegu in Korea last August. Dearbhla Breen, Amanda O'Regan and Maire Guiney were very influential in helping Ireland to attain an admirable overall ranking of eight in the competition. Ireland achieved victories over some major international basketball forces such as Canada and Korea as well as South Africa in the preliminary rounds. It was the most successful result ever achieved by an Irish basketball team and the club is extremely proud to have had three members of the club on this panel.

This season the Fresher men were defeated finalist in their Intervarsity while the women's new recruits are set to defend their title in the coming weeks. Both men's and women's Varsity teams are currently preparing for the Intervarsities with tough training schedules. This year they travel to Trinity College in Dublin looking for more success. This is usually the highlight of the UL basketball calendar but it may have already been over shadowed by a very eventful trip to Wales.

The clubs close ties with the Women's Super League Team has continued this year with three members of the women's Varsity team playing integral parts in their complete dominance of the league. Following the success of last year the team has continued its unbeaten run since November 2002. The team have already claimed the National Cup title and look set to retain the National League as well.

The past year has been very eventful in relation to the structure of the club with the formation of a new committee and the election of Lorna Finnegan as club Chairperson. Lorna has done tremendous work for the club and without her the clubs turn around would not have been possible. With a strong committee the club has cleared debts, acquired new gear, reduced expenses, undertaken massive fund raising campaigns and organised a minimal cost trip to Wales for four teams. Lorna is a non smoker, social drinker, has a good sense of humour, is thirty odd and looking for a husband (the hunt continues!!!!!)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have sponsored and supported us this year. Our main sponsor Castletroy Park Hotel provided us with new gear while The Lodge Nightclub and Arena Sports Bar helped with various fundraising initiatives. We would also like to thank the Clubs & Societies Executive and in particular Paul Lee for their support which has ensured a vibrant future for UL Basketball Club.
See you on the court in '05


Girls Fresher Tournament, UL Feb '04

After weeks of strenuous training and abstinence from alcohol the fresher girls finally took to the court on February 28th. Unlike the lads we had a very short distance to travel and so had a "team bonding night" in Elm Park on Friday, February 27th, which was only a short trek from the arena. However lack of heating oil meant many players suffered from heat deprivation and near-hypothermia had disastrous effects on the team's performance in the opening quarter of the first game against U.C.D. U.L's failure to perform resulted in many turnovers and a score of 12-4 in U.C.D.s favour by the end of the first quarter. The girls soon began feeling the heat (provided by the arena) and this combined with some serious talking by Noreen and Maria resulted in heads being lifted and the girls began to improve with two consecutive three pointers from "the bird" and "the ghost". Super sub Gingerella soon moved to the top of the bench and when she graced the court with her presence her influence was immediately felt with the ball-handling skills of U.L. improving dramatically. Despite this a series of three point plays along with lack of "bosca amach" on our part extended the visitors lead. In addition to this U.L., at times had a bit too much respect for U.C.D. with one player thinking they could score from inside their own half and so in a desperate attempt to prevent this "her hand lost control and fell on the other girls shooting hand" right on the buzzer giving U.C.D. 3 free throws.
U.L. started the second half well with scores from Tanya Pidgeon and Maria Moriarty but U.C.D. remained relentless in attack. U.C.D. scored more in the first half and only managed to outscore us by two points in the second half but only for Lyndsey Moriartys superb free throw in the dying seconds it could have been more. The girls took a well deserved break and psyched themselves up for a game against St. Pats. At seven the girls took to the floor again and after a scrappy start Niamh O'Meara eventually got the first score and began the ball rolling. Many more scores after well executed plays resulted in a half time score of 19-8. However the second half witnessed a few defensive errors on our part and a mutiny seemed to arise with some serious consequences as one of our players kicked another girls in the head in what she claims was an "attempt to save her from falling". By the way this is the same girl that fouled a U.C.D. player in her own half... what an intelligent girl. Despite this U.L. ran out winners with a score of 39-29 and peace was restored among the camp.

This "great win" was a cause for celebration and as always the fresher girls managed to do this in style with a trip to Charlie Chaplins and The Market. Again bonding did occur but some players proved they were better scoring off the court than on it. The night soon drew to a close and the team retired to THEIR beds in preparation for the semi-final against Tralee I.T.

At 11o'clock both teams took to the court and U.L. got off to a good start against a team that had five players
and no coach. U.L. managed to go ahead in the opening minutes but superb shooting by Tralees Emma Fitzgibbon quickly restored Tralees lead and eventually the half time score was 28-20 in Tralees favour. U.L. again started the second half well with many "down town" shots from Maria Moriarty (now that's a first for a Kerry girl) but again Tralee fought back and never ceased to see a gap in U.L's defence. The final score was 58 - 39 and Tralee were deserved winners. Despite this humiliating defeat the girls held their heads high and marched on........ to the Sports Bar.

Cardiff Covered:

During the break the Basketball Club headed to Cardiff with four of their teams, Senior men & women and Fresher boys & girls! Matches started on Friday night with all four teams playing. The senior women took on the Welsh University Squad and were narrowly defeated by 4 pts. The Fresher girls team playing their first ever competitive game against the host team UWIC emerged victorious after a closely fought encounter. Meanwhile the Senior men were battling it out with the UWIC National League side, unfortunately UL missing it's own National League players could not match their opponents. The Fresher boys, playing against the UWIC senior team ran out of steam in the last quarter but will be heartened by the experience going in to their Varsity Tournament this weekend.
Saturday saw a combined mens team face the University of Glamorgan and on Sunday the same combined team matched up against the University of Cardiff. These closely fought encounters saw UL narrowly defeated on both occasions. The mens team won't be too worried about these defeats viewing them as an opportunity to give the up and coming Freshers extra court time. The Senior women also faced the University of Cardiff on Sunday in a decidedly one sided encounter, running out winners by 30+ points.
Thanks to our sponsor Castletroy Park Hotel and to Clubs and Societies for their funding.

Cardiff Uncovered:

If you thought 'Ibiza Uncovered' was crazy, the term "you ain't seen nothing yet" comes to mind!! I think it's fair to say that Cardiff got a lot more than it bargained for with the recent visit of the basketball club!
"Friends" were made in more ways than one, and unfortunately sometimes even left behind!! (Phil??) But the 'close' relationship between the boys and girls teams ensured that this only happened once!
It was a trip that began as a hunt for a husband (Lorna!), and ended up being a search for so much more, including a glove, drink, hotties, con-tacts (Eadaoin??), and of course who could forget the shoe??!! (It's a long story!) Although we did find the missing glove, our quest for alcohol seemed to obscure our vision for all else!! We won't mention names - Brosie and Fitzy - but some real bargains were found in the basement!!! I hope ye kept your receipts!!
The reliable 'Confession Cam' was always on hand to keep an eye on the mischief but proved that all we were left with at the end of the trip were empty pockets, killer hangovers and an odd shoe adopted by "Gingerella"!! But it was worth every minute, and basketball was the real winner of the trip - well, maybe not, but we tried anyway!! Games were won and lost, but sure it's getting to the "top of the bench" that counts anyway isn't it!!
We look forward to part two at the Varsities where "hunt for a husband" will continue, and you never know, we might even find the shoe!!

Thanks for the memories friends!!

UL Basketball Players Shine for Home Clubs in the National Cup

The National Cup weekend is the 'Super Bowl' weekend for club basketball in Ireland. During this weekend the top teams in the men's and women's senior and junior (Under 19) sections compete for the Cup title. UL Basketball Club were well represented with college players competing for their home clubs on four different teams. In the Junior Men's cup fresher Tommy Canavan lined out for Team Westaro Castlebar in their semi final against UCC Demons. Canavan contributed 20+ points to his teams total, unfortunately he didn't have the same strong supporting cast as UCC Demons and the Leesiders eventually won out and went on to claim the Cup title.
In the Senior Men's competition UL stalwarts Paul Freeman, Aidan Holden & Alan Bromell and Varsity Coach Matthew Hall appeared for Team Burgerking as they began their cup quest against Neptune from Cork. Having won the cup in 2001 the Limerick Team was back with a completely new team of young players with the exception of team captain Hall. Experience was to triumph over youth on this occasion as Neptune went on to face UCC Demons senior team in the final. Demons needed overtime to secure their victory by the narrowest of margins.

In the Senior Women's section UL were represented by Dearbhla Breen, Eileen Lyons & Maura Guiney playing for UL Aughinish and Miriam & Mairead Liston playing for Bausch & Lombe Wildcats. Both teams came through their semi finals to meet in a repeat of last years final. UL Aughinish got off to a cracking start with Dearbhla Breen running in some early scores, Wildcats were slow to respond and found themselves 12 points adrift at the end of the first quarter. UL continued to build on their lead and try as they might their was no way back for the girls from Waterford. UL Aughinish went on to claim their second cup title in two years.
The club is very proud of all of it's players and with league honours still to be decided wishes them well for the reminder of the season.

Tralee IT Match Report, November 2003

On Wed 19th UL's men and women's basketball teams had their 4th league game vs. Tralee IT in the Arena.
The women tipped off first. The teams exchanged scores in the opening minutes and neither team was able to establish a lead. Aine Staunton and Niamh O'Donovan were shooting well for UL and managed to get some excellent scores. The quarter ended UL 24 - ITT 26. In the 2nd quarter both teams continued to score well
and the score stayed close. Staunton was a thorn in the Tralee defence while Eadaoin Mackey was impressive, scoring some excellent baskets and setting up her teammates for others. However, Tralee managed to capitalise on UL misses and, thanks to points on the break, pulled ahead. The half ended UL 47 - ITT 50.

UL came out pumped up in the 2nd half and backed by vocal support managed to eclipse the lead. Tralee had no answer for UL and the quarter ended UL 68 - ITT 56. With UL having dominated the 3rd quarter Tralee needed to start strongly to have a chance of winning. Unfortunately they could not keep up with UL and scores from Aine Staunton and Eadaion Mackey helped UL to extend their lead. UL kept their composure and finished off their ITT counterparts with points on the fast break. Final Score UL 80 - ITT 63.
Top scorers for UL were Aine Staunton and Eadaoin Mackey.

In the men's game UL had a comfortable win against ITT. UL started off at a blistering pace with scores from Ian De Jong and two 3ptrs from Alan Brommell helping UL run out to a 21-0 lead. Strong defence and poor finishing caused Tralee's offence problems and they did not score until there were 2 minutes left in the quarter to score their first basket. With 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter Coach Matthew Hall changed the entire 5 players. The quarter ended UL 27 ITT 8. In the 2nd quarter baskets from Shane Freeman and Nathan Briganti kept UL in a commanding lead; however the game was not as one-sided as the first. UL finished poorly with several turnovers. Superb blocks from Donal Palcic denied Tralee several scores. The half ended UL 46 - ITT 32.

UL did not start the 2nd half as impressively as they did the first. Poor concentration on defence gave Tralee openings and they closed UL's lead to 10 points. The quarter remained close but UL kept their 10 pt cushion. In the final quarter scores from Alan Brommell and Aiden Holden helped UL extend their lead.
The game ended UL 70 - ITT 60.
Impressive for UL were Ian De Jong and Alan Brommell.
Tommy Canavan picked up an injury during the game and we hope he will be fit before our next game.


UL College Win against WIT, go down against CIT

UL women's team travelled to Waterford for the second match of the current league campaign. They started well and were up by 3 points at the end of the first quarter. Playing high intensity basketball they pulled ahead of a physical WIT side. In the second quarter UL allowed WIT back into the game. It was an exciting and fast paced encounter with both sides producing some great scores. At the half way mark WIT had just edged ahead by 5 points. UL dug deep and stepped up a gear in the third quarter to regain the lead. While WIT attempted to fight back in the final quarter UL maintained their control on the game and ran out winners 69 points to 58.
Top Scorers:
A O'Regan (17 pts)
A. Staunton (14 pts)
M. Liston (10 pts)

In their third league game of the year the UL Colleges teams travelled to CIT. A good opening quarter by the UL ladies saw them take a lead of 7 points with key scores from Amanda O'Regan. The second quarter started with CIT picking up their defence and getting easy baskets to turn the deficit around sending them into the half time with a 4 point lead. Poor defense and some bad offensive options from UL in the third quarter gave CIT a strong lead of 11 points going into the final quarter. Despite a huge effort from UL on defense and scores from Áine Staunton in the last quarter things continued to go CIT's way. Big three pointers from Maria Brosnan & Caoimhe Clancy gave UL some hope, however with players fouled out and composed play from CIT, UL had to watch this one slip away. They now must wait for their revenge when CIT travel to the Arena in the New Year.
The UL teams face Tralee next on Wednesday 19th of November in the Arena where they plan to unveil their new team sponsor.
Top Scorers:
A. O'Regan (18 pts)
C. Clancy (12 pts)
A. Staunton (11 pts)

 UL Basketball Begin the Defence of their League Titles

 Wednesday 29th October saw UL women's team in the first match of their league defence against UCC. The game started timidly, neither team able to capitalize on chances. The 1st score came midway through the 1st quarter, a 3 pointer by UCC. 2 more followed in quick succession and UL suddenly were trailing 9-2. Coach O'Sullivan introduced Dearbhla Breen and Aine Staunton, which had a colossal impact on the game. In their 1st possession Staunton's fade away shot drew a foul to give UL a 3 pt play.Tough defence from Breen, Staunton and Caoimhe Clancy pressured UCC guards well and they found it difficult to break down the UL defence. Eimear Fitzmaurice rebounded well against a taller UCC side. Breen orchestrated the UL offence and UL began to look like the reigning cup, league and intervarsities holders and managed to outscore their UCC counterparts. The quarter ended UL 13 UCC 16.
Both teams began to score more heavily in the 2nd quarter. Good scores from Amanda O'Regan consolidated
the UL lead leaving the score at the half time mark UL 30 UCC 22. In the 3rd both teams played high-energy defence and made the opposition work for scorers. Breen once again was running the show for UL and combined well with her team mates to keep UL in front. The highlight of the game came at the end of the 3rd, Niamh O'Donovan got the ball at the half-way line dribbled 5ft short of the 3 pt line and launched a shot at the buzzer, it connected to give UL a 9pt cushion.
The 4th quarter saw UCC attempt to make a comeback. However scores from Clancy, Fitzmaurice, Eadoin
Mackey and the phenomenal Breen ensured the UL victory. The final score was UL 64 UCC 47.
Top Scorers:
A O Regan (13 pts)
D Breen (11pts),
A Staunton (11pts)

The UL Men's Basketball team began the defence of their League Title with a home game against a strong
UCC side. Both teams traded early baskets with UCC's Robert Grants pair of 3 pointers separating the teams
at the end of the first quarter. The 2nd quarter saw the home team up their intensity to match the visitors basket for basket. First year players Richard Lacken & Tommy Canavan put on their own 3 point shooting display while Paul Freeman rescued balls from seemingly impossible positions to keep the home team in touch.
The 3rd quarter turned out to be make or break in this match. Alan Bromwell made some key baskets for UL but
UCC's Robert Grant proved a constant thorn in Limericks side hitting three of his seven 3 pointers in this quarter. With 16 points between the teams UL had a lot to do in the final quarter. Both teams produced a fast paced final quarter with plenty of scoring opportunities. Thompson, Freeman, Aidan Holden, Adam Holden & Murphy contributed early scores to reduce the UL deficit but Niall O'Reilly kept UCC ahead. UL will regret not taking more of their chances in this game, they'll have another shot at UCC away in December.
Top Scorers:
P. Freeman (25 pts),
Adam Holden (11 pts)

>> 2002/2003

UL Girls Play Basketball in World University Games

The 22nd Universiade World University Games took place last month in Daegu,Korea. Amongst many of the U.L participants were three members of the womens basketball team. Dearbhla Breen, Maire Guiney& Amanda O’ Regan represented a large U.L contingent on a panel of just twelve players. They flew out on the 14th of August to take part in a competition consisting of 19 teams, the team had high hopes but were generally perceived as outsiders. They were pooled against South Africa, Canada, Chinese Taipae and the hosts South Korea. The team’s first game was a dream start against a Canadian side deemed to become the group’s winner on arrival. The Irish played an agressive, uptempo game which their oppponents were unable to contend with and came out victorious in a 75-68 win. Next up were The Republic Of South Africa where the team came out comprehensive winners defeating them by a score of 90-42. The hosts South Korea were to be Ireland’s next opponents. Against strong home support, the Irish hurt the Koreans with intense defense and strong work inside to reamin undefeated securing another win 88-72 and a guaranteed place in the final eight.The final group game against similarly undefeated Chinese Taipae was to be Irelands first fall by a score of 81-98.The defeat had no effect on their top eight positioning and so they took their first well deserved rest day after four consecutive games

The second phase of the competition saw Ireland pitted against teams of an extremely high standard with reputable basketball world standings. Ireland faced an explosive uptempo Russian side in their first game of phase two. The Russians who went on to finish in third place defeated Ireland by a score of 72-48. Their second game was against the Czech Republic who had a similar record as the Irish. Irelands poorest performance in the tournament saw them defeated 78-62.Ireland were now contending for positions 5-8 and played Serbia Montenegro in their next game.Ireland matched this experienced European side throughout the game but due to errors in the final minutes were defeated by a score of 70-88, unreflective of the games competitive nature. After a final rest day Ireland were to seek their revenge against the Czech Republic in a play off for seventh and eight positions.
A tired Irish side battled valiantly but were disappointed to loose out on seventh spot by a narrow defeat of 69 64. Eight games in ten days was an immensely demanding task and a top eight position was one to be proud of. This, the highest standing ever made by an Irish basketball team, insures that they will now automatically qualify for the next Universiade in 2005. Unfortunately, which came as a huge loss, Maire Guiney was unable to play due to injury. Dearbhla Breen and Amanda O’ Regan competed in all eight games and represented U.L. in an outstanding competitive manner. We wish the girls every future success in the coming season and hope to see them featuring in basketball news again soon! Well Done!!

>> 1999/2000

UL Mens And Ladies Basketball Club Go All The Way To The Intervarsity Finals.
Ladies bring home Gold.

On Thursday, 17th of February, the University of Limerick Ladies and Men's teams travelled to Cork to compete for the coveted title of Intervarsity Champions in Neptune Stadium, Cork.The Men's team, who had to travel without last years M.V.P., Rob Lynch, were regarded as dark horses for the tournament and they displayed some great heart and determination in progressing to the final. The Ladies drew Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) and University of Ulster Coleraine (UUC) in their pool, while the Men's team drew RCSI and DCU in theirs. The first game for the Men was against a resilient Royal College of Surgeons team who had no less than seven Americans on their panel of ten. It was a close game throughout with never more than three or four points separating the teams. In the end, U.L.were left to rue the total of missed foul shots that proved to be decisive as they were narrowly defeated by only one point.

The first game for the Ladies was against RCSI. UL started the better of the two and proved to be too strong for RCSI leading at half time by 25 pts, 29 - 4pts. In the second half, UL maintained their intensity and came away easy winners with a score of 62-9 pts. Best for UL were Frances Shiely and Eimear Kyne, 13 pts, Nicola Farrell 10 pts, and Emily Bryan and Marie Moriarty with 6pts each.

Friday 18 Feb, 2000

The UL Ladies faced UUC in their second pool game. UL again started the stronger of the two with some fine scores coming from all the team, and at the end of the first half, UL lead 33-9 pts. Start of the second half and UL kept their intensity and came away easy winners 60-16 pts. Best for UL were Eimear Kyne 13 pts, Nicola Farrell 11 pts and Michelle Hynes 7 pts.

The next morning was turning out to be a decisive day for the team as it was announced that the Surgeons beat D.C.U. convincingly that morning. Therefore, anything less than a victory would effectively mean the end of the road for the lads so it was time to focus on the big game. With the late arrival of Brendan Kelly to Cork, everyone was in confident form and ready to face their bitter enemies from down throughout the years. So it was to be at 5:45 the lads tipped off and with John Gleeson shooting the lights out, Big Kieran Mac. lording it under the boards and solid defence from Cian O' Neill, the lads were on course for a memorable victory. Kevin O' Connor was pulling all the strings in controlling the play and indeed gave a match winning performance ably supported by Paul Marrinan, Shane Murphy, Kelly and O' Brien.

Saturday 19th Feb, 2000

The Ladies were now top of their group and so proceeded into the quarter final were they would face Trinity College Dublin. UL started the stronger of the two and at halftime had a lead of 43-12 pts. The Ladies kept the intensity going and came away easy winners 67 - 31 pts. Best for UL were Eimear Kyne 17 pts, Nicola Farrell 13 pts and Grace Jordan 12 pts. The UL Lads were catapulted into the quarterfinals against one of the pre-tournament favourites, U.C.D. An early tip-off did not suit either team but the lads came out firing on all cylinders. Although the Dub's made a lot of the early breaks, they were not able to sustain the pressure and our lads slowly crawled back in to the game. Cushioned by a 31 point performance by O' Neill and excellent team play from Gleeson, O'Connor, Kelly and McCormack, U.L. applied some late pressure that led U.C.D. to crack and the final margin was five points.

Sunday 20th Feb, 2000

So on to the last day of the tournament, Sunday, with both the semi-finals and final to be played. The ladies were in the first semi finals, where they would meet University College Dublin. UL again got off to a great start with some excellent shooting from Michelle Hynes, Eimear Kyne, Frances Shiely and Nicola Farrell. This gave UL the edge and so they lead at half time by 6 pts 31 - 25 pts. Into the second half and UL's inside players got in to foul trouble with Eimear Kyne getting fouled out and both Nicola Farrell and Grace Jordan on four Fouls. This required smart defence from the ladies, and true to their form, they came away winners 65-53 pts. They would now meet UCC in the final. Best for UL were Michelle Hynes 14 pts, Nicola Farrell and Frances Shiely 11 pts and Marie Moriarty 10 pts. The Lads team having learned from their first encounter with the Surgeons, they were determined to make up for their only defeat in the tournament. Once again, there was nothing between the teams for the half but the Lads opened a comfortable 10 point lead in the second thanks to great attacking play from O'Connor, Gleeson and Kelly. With McCormack,O' Neill and O' Brien working hard on the defensive boards, nothing was left easy for the American contingent. Although they did fight back bravely in the dying minutes of the game, U.L. held on to clinch their first appearance in a varsity final in the club's history, overcoming last years defeat in the semi's. The victors on that occasion were U.C.C. who just happened to be the opposition in the final. So now we were in for a real treat with UL and UCC in both finals. In the Ladies final, UL got the first score coming from a free throw from Nicola Farrell, and it was basket for basket all the way. Nicola Farrell was in excellent playing form and with her and Eimear Kyne dominating their boards, this hurt UCC. Then Helena Farrell from UCC got on a run and scored six baskets in a row. A timeout was called by UL, this was to change up the defence. UL got Michelle Hynes to mark Helena Farrell, and after this Helena scored 2pts. Excellent job Michelle!!. At the end of the first half UL lead by just 2pts 31-29 pts. Is this the right score? Start of the second half and UL maintained the intensity and their work rate on defence was super. With some excellent shooting from the UL ladies including a three pointer from Eimear Kyne and three three pointers from Frances Shiely, UL stayed on top. UL's Nicola Farrell was doing a super job inside and getting some great scores. UL kept on the pressure and won the match with a score of 66-59 pts. Best for UL were Nicola Farrell 21 pts, Frances Shiely 16 pts and Eimear Kyne 9 pts.

'One down one to go'.

Only hours after completing their respective semi-finals, both teams lined out for the final, tired and weary. This was the biggest game of the club's history. However, this was one game too many and they simply did not have enough energy in reserve to match the fast, well-drilled play of their Cork opponents. After the worst possible start to the game, the lads were 18-2 down after 12 minutes yet they managed to pull this back to 20-17 approaching half-time. However, this miraculous recovery was soon countered by U.C.C. and they quickly established another sizable lead that the lads were simply not able torecover from. Everyone played their hearts out but the ball was simply not dropping and the rims were being unfriendly to any outside shots that were made. The team had giventheir all but this was not enough to fight off the challenge of the home team who took the title in impressive form. What better way to celebrate and recover from a final defeat (Lads) than the varsity banquet in Jury's Hotel that night (and morning). The presentations were made to the Ladies team who were successful once again and then to the Lads as run-ners-up, everybody trundled up to collect their trophy. Then the All - Stars( Best five players of the tournament ) were announced. First was UL's Cian O Neill where the UL gang proceeded to chant 'Cianoo, Cianoo' and then it was the turn of UL's John Gleeson where the Ladies team (John is their coach ) went wild and started chanting 'Johnny G ,Johnny G' . Now it was the turn of the Ladies teams , first again went to UL's Eimear Kyne , again the UL gang go wild. Roaring , shouting and banging on the tables (A very popular All - Star indeed) and now to the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the tournament and this award goes to ??? That'srite !! UL's Nicola Farrell. A nice round up to the awards , it is nights like this that make training at 7:30am worth while ,Well Done !!!

The UL Basketball club would like to thank the Sports Office , Dave Mahedy and Neasa O' Donnell for their continued support, McElligotts Buses for all the transport provided , Paul Lee for his help through out the year and a special thanks to Dave in 'An Focal' for running all those articles. We would also like to thank John Glesson and Rossi (Ladies Coaches) and Seamus Woods (Men's Coach) for all their time and commitment. The varsity weekend proved to be a huge success due to the tremdeous work put into the team by every member of the squad, whether it was on the court scoring 21pts or filling the water bottles (Thanks Antje and Suzanne ).

Ladies Team:
Eva Galliant, Fiona Larkin, Ciarda OConnell, Michelle Hynes, Emily Bryan, Cliodhna Murphy, Nicola Farrell, Eimear Kyne (Capt), Marie Moriarty, Frances Shiely, Margaret Daly and Grace Jordan.
Coach :: John Glesson. Manager :: Noreen O ' Connell .

Mens Team:
Cian O' Neill (Capt), John Gleeson, Rob Holmes, Kevin O' Connor, Kieran McCormack, Brendan Kelly, Alan O' Brien, Paul Marrinan, Kieran Wrenn, David Cronin, Brian Flynn and Des Dockery.
Coach :: Seamus Woods.